MOLHADOS&SECOS | Wet&Dry, by Brazilian company ParaladosanjoS, is an almost word-free physical and visual performance; a poignant, poetic and sometimes comically absurd reflection on human fragility in the face of nature, inspired by the real and re-imagined stories of people who have suffered the onslaught of natural disasters. Four distinct scenes, directed by four different directors of international renown, explore the human capacity to overcome obstacles and survive extreme situations. At times dramatic, at times comic, always visually enchanting.


Performed by: Marcos Becker and Marilia Ennes

Directed by: Fernando Villar, Idit Herman, Monica Alla, Raquel Scotti Hirson 

Original Soundtrack: Vinicius Sampaio and Dmitry Tyulpanov

Lighting Design: Antonio Rodrigues and Francisco Barganian 

Set Design: Núcleo Garrucha 

Costume and Props: Anna Kuhl


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